>The Tiger Princess’s Guide to her particular brand of Jargon


I use a lot of acronyms and abbreviations in my journal, (sorry – it’s just one of those things that Teachers do…) so I thought that I would provide a decoder for those of you who have absolutely no idea what I am going on about…

DT – Design and Technology.

Often abbreviated to Technology in long form, this is a posh name for the subject that teaches woodwork, metalwork, graphics, sewing, cooking etc. You may know it as CDT (Craft, Design and Technology) or just in its individual subject names. It also encompasses Home Economics for those who were at school in the 60’s…

It’s one of those subjects which go in and out of fashion according to which government is currently in power and what the state of the manufacturing and construction industries is.

ICT – Information Communication Technology.

Not to be confused with IT!

No, really, DO NOT confuse these two – the IT crowd get very annoyed if you do this, they seem to take it as an affront of some sort…

ICT teaches how to use the Software that computers use (well at my level anyway) and how to present it beautifully. The stage my pupils are at, well, they are still learning how to use the software…hence the amount of trouble that I have with their marking…

Year 7 – 11 – 12 year olds

The most loved year in the school. For the most part, Year 7’s are polite, neat and tidy. They hand in their homework, don’t talk back and are constantly amazed at the things that they are learning.

Year Nine – 13 – 14 year olds

The second most hated year for a teacher. This group of children, most of which who have started puberty and are all for experimenting – just not in Science or even school!

They go one of two ways – they either knuckle down and produce excellent work every time or they throw the school papers to the wind and join the Freshman year of the University of Life – usually by misbehaving in one way or another and being shunted to another school.


These helpful little herbal tablets are supposed to “Ease you into a gentle, refreshing, natural sleep, allowing you to wake up ready to face the day!”

Sometimes they work. Sometimes they don’t. I never know when they are going to do either so it ends up being a bit of a lottery…

G&B – Green & Blacks

For those not already in the know, G&B are the makers of some of the most gorgeous organic choc I have ever tasted. Happily they also make cocoa and hot chocolate drinks so I have a large jar of G&B’s luxury hot choc in my cupboard – it takes all the blues away…

G&T – Gin and Tonic

Yes, I know you probably already knew this but, hey! I love my G&T!

CC&DC – Canadian Club and Diet Coke

This is the second of my favourite shot drinks. Canadian Club is a bourbon whisky like Jack Daniel’s but I find it smoother and I can actually drink CC straight (I can’t drink JD straight – makes my throat curl!)

Archers – Archers Peach Schnapps and Lemonade

This is my third favourite drink. I got hooked on this when I was eighteen and just starting out on my serious drinking years. It’s a great drink in the summer but just a little too easy to drink – I have been known to go through a whole bottle by myself in one night…

Tiger, Tigger, Tig – Tiger Lager

This is the best lager in the world. Smooth, no nasty dry bite or sour aftertaste! Great with Chinese or by itself…um, sorry, I’m starting to sound like a bad commercial!

Hmm, I’m starting to get a little thirsty here…

Well that’s it for now. I may well add to this as I get further in – watch out for updates!