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>Insomnia Strikes Again,

>I’m prone to occasional attacks of insomnia for various reasons. Tonight I can’t sleep because I have a cold, despite my body’s urging that I actually need to sleep to get better.

Don’t worry I don’t have Swine Flu… at least I don’t think so.

The first thing I do to try and sleep is play Puzzle Quest on my PSP. That and Sudoku work because they are easy to play, monotonous games that lull the active part of my mind to sleep. Or at least they usually work.

If that doesn’t work then I try to meditate, cocooned in the soft warmth of my cotton encased duvet. Only tonight it’s hard to do with a man snoring beside me.

My next step is to get dressed in something warm, grab a mug of G & B and take some Nytol or Calms. It usually works but it tends to take a little bit of time so while I wait, I write.

That’s usually where Webook comes in. I write whatever takes my fancy and post it up for my friends to shake their heads over. Only today I wrote quite a bit on Webook and I hadn’t been on here yet…

I am starting to yawn now. I can feel Sleep massaging my shoulders, urging me to go back to bed and snuggle down under my duvet. I might – in a bit…

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