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>Forget Planet of the Apes!


That’s it!

Gizmo is definitely a Springer Spaniel in disguise. Not only does he sit at my feet and beg for scraps (he loves cooked chicken and tuna) with his eyes like one, he also retrieves his jingly ball, carries it to the opposite end of the room and starts playing with it!

There is nothing quite so funny as a huge ginger and white cat carrying a fluorescent pink jingly ball around in his mouth!

Cleo watches him with an incredulous set to her ears. She is very clearly saying:“You are not my brother! I’m not having anything to do with you until you stop acting like a kitten.”

How people can think that cats are just animals is beyond me. They might not be able to speak English, but they can communicate with us.

Gizmo has a meow and a purr that mean he wants attention; he tells me to turn the bathroom tap on so he can drink with a look; he even has a particular setting to his whiskers when he wants to play!

Cats could take over the world. In fact, I think they already have…think about it for a second or two…

We feed, medicate and clean up behind them. We give them treats and toys; attention and scratch posts. All they have to do is look cute and fluffy, make us feel happy and Sleep.

Where’s the downside?

Just you wait – the day that cats learn to use a can opener, open a cupboard door and turn a tap for themselves – the human race is done for!

Forget Planet of the Apes – it’s going to be Planet of the Cats!

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  1. >Tigger rules the world around here! He probably knows how to use a can opener . . . but would rather have us wait on him. : )

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