>And so the chaos begins…

>It’s the 7th June. That means that we have six months and seventeen days until “C” Day.

Don’t worry I won’t actually mention the “C” word until after my birthday – official family custom, don’tcha know…

But because of my current financial… situation… I am finding that I have to think about “C” Gifts extra early.

Now a lot of my family, when you mention “C”, say that we shouldn’t bother with it this year, it’s better not to think about “C” gifts for anyone except the Kids this year. I hate it when they say that, especially because I know that a lot of them don’t really mean it.

I’m getting in on the act early and I’m giving it the really personal touch – I’m making as many of my “C” Gifts as I possibly can. This way they’ll be unique and relatively inexpensive…

It does mean that I have to spend out to buy the materials, but on the flipside, I enjoy doing this kind of crafting and I like to think that the gifts that I will be giving out, will be enjoyed all the more for the effort that I put into them.

Or at least I hope so.

I’m also going to be making Christmas cards for those close to me and using up the ones I had left over from last year in the process. So if you regularly get a card from me – expect the unexpected…I can’t guarantee that they’ll stay together you see!

“C” day should be a time for Family and Friends. I’m hoping that this year it will be. I’m not sure how yet, but I’m a’workin’ on it… *grins*