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>I wonder what I’ll do this week.

>I wonder what to do this week,
I really wonder what,
I look at the white space in my diary,
And I really don’t care a jot,
That I don’t have any coffee mornings,
Parties or Bar-be-ques,
To fill my hours with meaningless babble,
About what wine to choose.

I wonder what to do this week,
Should I go here or there?
Should I go down to the beach,
Would the beach really care?
If I didn’t visit for a while,
And sit upon the rocks,
Watching the sea flow up the shore,
And the shore just shrug it off.

I wonder what to do this week?
Does my Keyboard call?
Is my Bead Loom all that lonely?
Should I let the washing up stall?
What could I do with the time I have?
Where could I go?
Who could I meet on the way?
Will I ever know?

I wonder what to do this week?
I guess I’ll just let time flow,
Past me from the future,
And watch it slip and slow,
Over the Rocks of Unplanned Events,
Dammed behind the Logs of What I need to do,
Into a Pool of No.

(c) Mandy Ward, 13th June 2010