concentration, Headaches

>Concentration – what concentration?

>When my head feels like this, it’s hard to concentrate on anything. It isn’t a headache as such, just a vague overall throb that seems to worsen my mood and make me incredibly irritable.

It might be because I’m running out of medication. I had four tablets left yesterday and had to make the decision to cut my dose in half, taking one tablet instead of the two I am supposed to have.

It might be because I was woken up by the kids twice last night. It might be because a thunderstorm is on its way or because I haven’t exercised yet today.

It might even be because of the computer – although normally I only get a headache from being in a roomful of the plaguey things.

Whatever the reason, it’s annoying.

I’m really in the mood to write. I’ve managed 200 words in just under three hours – although a lot of that time was spent on research and bumming around on the net. The Bog Boy story has really opened up and is moving along. I want to write more on the game of Writer’s Tag I am playing in Slushpile Reader. I have a job application form to finish and get out before monday.

But the headache is sitting there and laughing at me. Every so often, I think it has gone away. I take a deep breath and try and concentrate. As soon as I do that, it peeks out from behind my brain, taps the back of my eyes and the front of my skull simultaneously and shouts “I’m still here!”

I’ve taken some Co-Codamol, with a third mug of coffee in an attempt to persuade the headache that a) my skull is not where it really wants to be, and b) to go and bother someone else.
I normally only drink two cups of coffee a day – three is a bad day, if I get to four or more, it’s time for me to go into hibernation, because it’ll be less messy and easier for everyone else.

I am contemplating another cup of coffee…

The headache is contemplating moving down to my shoulders. Maybe I ought to go out for a walk, get some fresh air. Maybe that would… too late.

That’s it, I can’t stand it any more – where’s the tramadol!