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>Gasp! The House is tidy!

>I’m currently in shock…

We’ve spent the last week sorting, shredding and filing the buildup of paper that had occurred in the house. Five large boxes crammed with fifteen years worth of paper. That created one black sack of shredded paper for each year we’ve been together and two boxes of things we have to keep…

I tell ya, the recycling men had a shock and a half on Friday when we put out the first eight bags. We had to reassure them that it wasn’t a wind up!

But it’s not just that.

We’ve moved the computer down to the end of our “Dining Room”, shifted the bookcases around, got rid of a lot of stuff and essentially cleared a lot of stuff away. I cleaned the kitchen (you’ll need shades to go in there) and did the washing up (we’ll have a fixed dishwasher by Tuesday)… I even managed to clean the cooker!
It means that my writing has suffered a little – I haven’t done as much as I should have done, but when Life happens, you can’t just ignore it!

I do feel a lot better for it though. It’s a useful exercise – I got rid of a lot of physical and emotional baggage while I was shredding. The house is clean, my psyche has been cleaned up a little as well.

Now I am ready to get moving on my own work – writing and crafting. I have a novel to get ready for December and a whole slew of Christmas presents to do.

Wish me luck!

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