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>’Ullo, there’s somethin’ goin’ on around ‘ere…

>You may have noticed that I’ve added a few pages. Don’t bother going to look – they’re empty at the moment.

I decided that I needed to streamline my online world. You see, when I log on in the morning, I spend a good hour or so trying to cover all the websites I’m on, adjusting my own websites, chatting… excuse me… NETWORKING on Facebook and so on.

It’s one of the reasons that I rarely updated this blog – I’d designated it as my personal blog, but as my writing life is a major part of my ‘normal’ life, it never got updated… a fact of which I feel rather ashamed.

Anyway. I’m doing two things:

#1 – I am moving my writing website to this site – that way I don’t have to adjust two different places!

#2 – I am going to transform the old weebly website into a competition website, with the prize being publication in my webzine.

It’s going to take me a while to do, I have to shift all sorts of things around and adjust stuff on my computer… you know the sort of thing!

Then I should be able to blog more regularly. It’s hopefully going to make my life much easier!

((hugs to all who pass through))


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