>Time for a catch up!

>What have I been up to all month? Well, of course it’s been NaNoWriMo and I’ve been writing my fingertips off in an attempt to make the finish line…

… so you’ll be glad to know that I slipped in under the tape with seconds to go! The first draft of the second book of The Secret of Arking Down Series is finished! I’ll leave it alone until Easter and then I will go back and start editing and retouching it.

What else happened?

We had a sad couple of weeks in the middle of the month. TOH’s Grandfather died in his sleep and we had to attend a funeral. I’m pleased to say that PT and NOS behaved themselves impeccably almost all day. I was very proud of the way they handled it and although Granddad will be missed dreadfully, we remember him with happiness.

I had some good news this month. An anthology that I had submitted to several months ago have confirmed that I am in the book! The money from any royalties will be going to various charities and I will give out more details about the anthology and  where you can pick it up closer to the time of publication.

I also slipped a story into a House of Horror anthology called “A Woman Scorned”. I say slipped, because I submitted the story late and I wasn’t sure if it was going to get in. I am glad that it did get in though – “Red Riding Hood Bites” is a good story and fits the title perfectly!

I’ve done a few crafty things this month.

I finished a couple of presents for friends and family – a knitted glasses case and neck strap, some fleece lined mittens, a beaded hairband to name a few. I have a pair of Pinnies on the go (and before you say anything, I still don’t get on well with thread!) blue with white butterflies … very pretty and hopefully just what the recipient would like.

Most importantly, this site is now my official Author site. Anything to do with writing (and a few things not to do with writing) will be appearing here. The weebly site was getting too cumbersome and I needed to streamline my operations.

“Welcome to Wherever…” is my foray into the world of publishing. The November edition went out on time and although I haven’t yet had the chance to check the stats, seems to be well received. The December edition… alas… shall be slightly late. Mostly because I have been so busy this month – I haven’t had time to start putting it together… *looks sheepish* I’ll post again when it is live on the net, just so you can check it out!

Most of the pages on the site here are now up and running. You’ll find the winner of November’s FSS Contest on the Competition Time Page and the runners up are available to read on the Flash Story Fun Page – I’m sure you’ll agree that the stories are all worth reading, so please do enjoy!