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>Christmas Present Book List – Part One…

>I’ve got a lot of writing friends around the internet, (some of whom are even nice enough to say that my writing is pretty good) and they all seem to have had a seriously amazing amount of success this year.

No, I’m not jealous… well, yes okay, I am. But my time shall come…

Anyway – For those of you who are hunting for presents to buy for various members of family and friends, I am going to edify you and possibly even inspire you, by presenting my best Christmas Present Picks..


First up is Wizards by John Booth.
John’s style of writing is highly entertaining and Wizards would make the perfect present for the older teenager in your life. In fact I will go so far as to say that you will probably be fighting over who gets to read it first!
Jake is a kid when he discovers that he can use Hopscotch to jump to different worlds. And that he can use the same power to find people. So, when at eighteen, he is asked to find Jenny, he agrees reluctantly. Within a few months all hell has broken loose and not just because of his unusual pet!
“Wizards” is an entertaining, funny, light-hearted and serious look at growing up into your own powers, be it magic or muscle, something that many teenagers will be able to empathise with.

Currently only available for Kindle – Soon to be available in Print


Exploits by the highly talented author, Poppet is very definitely for the adult reader only.
Written from the point of view of Stef, you are taken on a graphic exploration of her descent from Good-Girl to Love Slave. All of this is in pursuit of the goal of a man.  The story is so engrossing, it doesn’t matter if you’re reading an electronic copy or a print copy, you’ll be sucked in and carried along for the emotional rollercoaster ride.
Perfect for any female friends you might have, reading “Exploits” is just like having a bottle of wine accompanied, in-depth talk with a friend you haven’t seen for ages; and like one of those conversations, “Exploits” leaves you with a happy smile on your face.
This is book is highly recommendable – I had an electronic copy and I had to drag myself out of it to write this review…

Currently only available for Kindle


I shall return shortly with my next two scorching reads – Happy Shopping!

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