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>Christmas Present List – Part Three

>Yes, it’s the final part of my recommendations for your gift buying this Christmas. You’ll have noticed that a few of the books are available on digital format. If you have a gadget mad member of the family, why not buy an e-reader for them and download some of these books onto it?

That will keep them quiet for a few hours…

* * * *

Christmas is the time for fun and laughter and I can guarantee that “Banana’s Bumper Xmas Book” by Michele Brenton will provide plenty of both.

“Banana’s Bumper Xmas Book” comprises over 200 poems from Banana’s first three Alternative Poetry Books plus a preview of the fourth edition due in spring 2011. Michele also shows off her prose prowess with a Christmas themed story and an anecdote of how she and her family towed a boat across Europe, with pictures no less!

Michele’s poetry reminds me of Pam Ayres with a little Roger McGough mixed in. Her stories are hilarious and this is one book sure to cheer up anyone’s Christmas. But don’t take my word for it, pick up a copy for your friend’s Kindle and enjoy it together!

Available in digital form from Endaxi Press

* * * *

Yes, I know, this the second book I have reviewed by Poppet, but believe me, her writing is worth it! “Seithe” is the story of what can happen when you allow your emotions to get the better of you.

Storming out of her boyfriend’s house one evening, Phoebe finds her way into Pravus, seemingly a gothic nightclub inhabited by various strange looking individuals. One of them, Seithe, is seemingly obsessed with the senses. One date after another, Seithe leads Phoebe from her incredibly blind human existence into a world of sensation and danger.

Poppet’s writing is highly erotic and massively sensuous, taking the reader in an intellectual and emotional roller coaster through the reality we live in. “Seithe” is a book to be devoured over and over again, it’s beauty and power drawing you back for more… This comes on the highly recommended list, so go forth and buy it!

Available in Digital format from Sony and Barnes and Noble,

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That’s it for now – if I come across any more books that I think are worth shouting about, I will be posting them on a Tuesday…

So, if you want me to review your book, drop me a line!