>I have a cunning plan…

>It’s a new calendar year. Time to make resolutions and plans. In my case it’s going to be a plan; for I only have one Major Resolution this year –

I shall get “The Secret of Arking Down: The Angel’s Crown” published this year. Of course, this means that I have to finish writing it first…

But never fear, I have already planned out how it is going to happen (or at least the first two steps) and I shall be resolute and steadfast in my campaign:

  1. I shall finish the first draft by 30th April. 
  2. I’ll leave it alone and work on something else for two months after that. 
  3. I’ll start the first paper edit on 1st July. 
  4. Then I will rewrite according to all the red pen from 1st August. 
  5. After that I have to sort out a Beta Reader / Editor (any volunteers would be welcome!) to check that I have done a good job on the edit. 
  6. Then I edit again… 

Hopefully at this point I can get on with my synopsis, basic query letter and agent / publisher research!

So cross your fingers for me. Getting “Angel” published is going to be the task that tells me if I’m just a talented amateur or a properly saleable writer.

I was going to run another monthly contest from my author website. But having set up and run “Welcome to Wherever…” for a couple of months, I realised that I wouldn’t have enough time in the month to run two contests, put together a webzine and finish writing “The Angel’s Crown” – let alone the demands of a household as well!

So any writing contests will be routed through my webzine. I might hold a few fun things through this website, but nothing massively serious… *grins*

Of course I have all the usual resolutions as well… Drop two dress sizes by July… Learn to Drive… Get a job… so on and so forth, but somehow they don’t seem as important as usual. I’m not sure why.


Ah, well. On with the novel… *flexes fingers and rolls shoulders*

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