>Monday Muse Mystifier


Well, it’s the first Bank Holiday of the year… I hope all my UK writing buddies are making good use of it to sort out their reticent muses. If you’re having trouble getting your brain back into gear or your muse is refusing to co-operate on your project, here’s an exercise to mystify it and entertain you –  hopefully getting you back into the writing frame of mind! 

Write a 200 word piece with the following words included in some way.

  • Playground 
  • Corn 
  • Freedom 
  • Doomed
Feel free to post your results below this blog entry – it’d be fun to see what you come up with!
Tally ho! Tantivy and away after that muse!
This was Mine…
Nibbling on his corn on the cob, Mike walked through the playground. The swings were moving with the wind and the autumn leaves swirled and danced around the climbing frame.
It was at times like this that he loved being eighteen. His younger brothers and sisters all had to be in by ten and in bed by midnight, but since mike’s birthday, his parents hadn’t questioned him once about where he was going or who he’d be with.
The freedom to be an adult had been handed to him with a front door key and his birthday present of a motorbike.
“Go careful.” Was the only thing his dad had said. “We’re paying for the first year’s insurance etc, but you’d better get yourself a job to pay for it next year.”
Next year seemed so far away as Mike sat on the park bench by his bike, finishing off the last of his fried chicken dinner. Dropping the rubbish into the paper bag, he wiped his hands and threw the bag into a nearby bin. Then he pulled his gloves on and straddled his bike.
The roar of the motor soothed him and he rode into the night, his headlight showing a rabbit by the roadside. At the last minute, the animal ran out in front of him. He swerved and the wall that flashed into the light beam showed him he was doomed.