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>Rain, Rain, Go away,
Come again another day.
Life can always look so grey,
On the days rain comes to play.

Yes, it’s raining. I don’t actually hate the rain. Some days it’s nice to be in a warm cosy house when it’s tipping it down outside. The problem comes when I’m feeling a little blue and it’s raining. That tends to be during the long dark teatime of the year that falls between Christmas and Easter.

I find myself searching for signs of Spring, things like bulb sprouts and leaf buds. Where I live, that happens around the end of February usually.

I also write a lot of poetry at this time of year. It’s not always that good, so you’re not likely to see much of it!

Good things do happen at this time of year though. For example: one of my writer buddies has just signed a contract for her book and my favourite Horror Webzine, The House of Horror is actually becoming a quarterly print Magazine!

Basically from Issue #20 onwards, they will be going to print and the website will become the details site. This creates a whole new paying market for horror and dark fantasy writers because HOH will pay 1/4 cent per word up to 2000 words!

Keep your eyes open for more news on that – I’ll post it as and when it comes up.

Another piece of good news is that you can now find “Welcome to Wherever…” on Duotrope.com! I’m hoping that will make it easier to find submissions each month – I’m not doing too badly for february at the moment…