>Editing, Writing and Sundays…

>I’m not sure if any of you have visited my Webzine yet…

If you haven’t, Why not?

…There are all sorts of things over there, Stories, poems, articles, I’ve even got Anne Stokes as the Featured Artist for this month! Seriously, that was a coup and a half – her work is stunning. Just look at the picture below…

Forest Unicorn by Anne Stokes

I have a regular contributor in the form of Maria Kuroshchepova who writes the Mama Masha’s Kitchen Article – these are seriously informative, fun and I wouldn’t read any of them on an empty stomach; they make me hungry every time!

The Featured Writer for January is Michele Brenton aka Banana the Poet. She is one of the funniest poets I know, a lot like Pam Ayres who I adore.

There is also a writing competition on the website… this is the prompt and I welcome anyone and everyone to have a go, no matter how good a writer you think you are!

Welcome to Wherever… Writing Competition

Stories will be voted on by the readers of the webzine in the February 2011 edition. The winner becomes the Featured Writer for the March 2011 edition and gets an article about them, a whole page to themselves to showcase their work and an interview on “The World of the Tiger Princess.” in the webzine.

The interview will also be posted on here, so you’ll get a fair audience for your answers!

February is also “Women in Horror month” and I am going so if anyone fancies writing a horror story / poem about a woman, or you are a woman in horror yourself and want to contribute, contact me via the webzine

Welcome to Wherever… Submission Guidelines and Contacts

I enjoy being the Owner / Editor of “Welcome to Wherever…”, even with the stress that happens at the end of the month (pre-publication), it’s just so satisfying to put it together and see the finished result on the net for everyone to read.

Some times I wish I didn’t have to do so much chasing around for content, but it’s early days and I have just managed to get the webzine listed on Duotrope.com, so hopefully that will increase the amount of submissions I get.

Now if only I could get a Poetry Editor, I’d be happy. While I can write Noetry and (sometimes) poetry, I’m at a loss when it comes to editing it; I have no idea what formatting to use or anything!

Anyone interested?

Sundays are a strange day. When I was growing up, it always felt like they were too long – especially the afternoons. Now it feels like they are dragging, but when I look at the time, it’s always later than it feels!

That’s how my current Work-In-Progress feels. I just finished editing and rewriting the first half of the book. That seemed to fly past. Now I’ve hit the bit that is supposed to be fun – the writing of the new bit, the finishing of the story.

But I can’t seem to get going. I know where the story has to go, I know roughly how to get there…sadly, Puff hasn’t caught up with me yet. He’s pootling around and not telling me what words to put onto the page.

Puff the Star Pet Dragon – my Muse

I might have a way of persuading him though.

According to “Dragon Academy” by Diane Nelson (excellent book, I recommend you buy a copy) Dragons like Liquorice. So, tomorrow I am buying a couple of bags of Bertie Bassett’s, some red and green laces, and some fruit liquorice. Hopefully it will persuade him to tell me what to write…