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>Sunday Lecture: Crafting…. and Writing.

>Those of you who know me, know that I have a lot of hobbies. Most of them are linked to my design training and provide a creative, calming outlet for those times when Puff (my meandering muse) disappears.

Warrior Pattern Choker 

People who’ve seen or received my creations seem to like then and I’ve often toyed with the idea of making it into a business… but I always come to the conclusion that it would make it less fun and take me away from my writing.

Still, I craft in whatever I do. The Design Principles have just as much bearing in Writing as they do in Crafting.

What are the Design Principles?” comes a shout from the back. 

All right, I’ll tell you…

  1. The Initial Idea: Doesn’t matter where it comes from, you just have to have it.Could have come from a Brief or just been inspired by something you saw.
  2. The Research: This is essential to make sure that your product will hit the target market just right, and become a necessary adjunct.
  3. The Development: Get the rough idea and smooth it out. Add some excitement and pizazz, slip in some features that will secure your product’s place in the Target Market.
  4. The Final Idea: Refine your development until you have the product that you would like to send out into the world.
  5. The Finished Product: Make your product from the finest materials you can manage. Polish it until it shines like a shiny thing…
Of course, in the Design World there are a few more stages, but those are the basic ones that I teach kids in Design Technology. 

Can you see how they would fit into writing? Read them through again. Start thinking of your novel, story or poetry as a product that you are trying to sell to the world and you might get a little further than before…