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>Book Review – Poison of a Smile

>As it is “Women in Horror” Month, I was trying to get a book for the Tuesday review from one of the many female horror writers I know and love. However, the book I ended up selecting is written by a man.


Allow me to clear things up a bit…

I was browsing through the pages of wonderful books at Night Publishing and one cover just jumped out at me… take a look for yourself:

There’s something about the girl on the front that draws you in. She looks so innocent, yet there is a hint of mischievousness about that one sided smile.

So I read the blurb…

She will take her pleasure in your destruction …. 

When Gabriel Holland and David Leigh are lured to the haunted town of Carliton in search of their beloved Helena, they find only mystery and malice. And Christian Salazar, connoisseur of torments, master of Alatiel, the creature that Helena has become, awaits their company ….

That sounded interesting. I’m always up to read a bit of horror and this fitted the “Women in Horror” month bill perfectly…

From the first sentence, Steven Jensen paints a world with words. “The Poison of a Smile” is a mysterious chilling tale that sucks the reader in and draws them through the pages.

Set in the 1800’s, amongst the artistic circles of Camden, “The Poison of a Smile” relates the story of Alatiel and her introduction into one such circle of artists as a painters model. One by one, the artists fall under her spell and die. Helena Graham, the sister of one artist also succumbs to Alatiel, but instead of dying, finds herself a part of the creature…

Steven’s writing style reminds me a great deal of Oscar Wilde. His use of language, while formal conveys the terrifying events with a great deal of panache. His descriptions have a cinematic quality which help the reader to understand the story and the cliff hanger certainly ensures your attention!

I did enjoy reading this book, but I can see that some readers would have trouble getting past the style of writing. It is not a book for everybody and certainly not one for under eighteens. Still, it has a well crafted edge and is worth buying for the bookshelf

“The Poison of a Smile” is available in both Print and Digital formats:

Kindle US:


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About the Author:

‘The Poison of a Smile’ is the stunning first book of local history journalist Steven Jensen’s ‘Salazar’ series.

The second in the series – ‘Blood Is Sweeter Than Honey’ – will be released shortly through Night Publishing

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