>Looking back, Looking forward and Being Interviewed…

>The past four years have been such a steep learning curve. Not only have I entered a new career – Teaching – I have also learned how to write properly.

Getting short stories published helped me with that; I had to learn how to put the stories together properly, how to edit them and how to handle rejection. Slowly and surely my writing got better and better, to the point where I actually started to consider myself a writer.
Now after four years and my publications in anthologies hitting double figures, I figure that I’m about ready to take another step.

When I started writing seriously, I was thinking in terms of publishing a novel through the traditional route of getting an agent, then the agent getting me published. The thing is, the publishing scene changed so fast recently, what with E-Readers and so forth that I got very confused and backed off a bit.

So after a bit of procrastinating and other useful activity, I find myself ready to try e-publishing. I’m not going to say much right now, I want to do a big reveal when I actually get to the publication date… *grins*


Ahem… enough of that.

Anyway. I’ve been lucky enough to become a good enough writer that people want to interview me (I have no idea how that happened *rolls eyes*) and was lucky enough to be interviewed by Suzannah Burke last year. Just recently, another of my short stories was published as a part of  the “Words to Music” Anthology (you may recall my post about it) and Noelle Pierce decided to interview each of the writers in the Anthology on her website.

Well today it was my turn… and this is the result…Please Welcome…Kira Morgana!

Have fun!