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>Something to look forward to and a little something for you to read…

>I’ve written a lot of things. Short stories, long stories, Novellas, Novels, Poetry, even an article or two… some of these (mostly the short stories and poetry) have seen the light of day as print in anthologies or screen words on a website/blog.

And this is wonderful. Of course it is.

That isn’t to say that I don’t want to go further. Or that I’m not working towards the holy grail of a writer’s life – a seven book deal and a huge movie company wanting to make all seven books into a movie… – no, I’m kidding on that, just getting a novel published is about as far as most writers go.


I have a cunning plan… *said in best Baldrick impression* …I am taking baby steps. The first few were to actually get said short stories etc out into the world. The next couple were to establish a writing identity (hence the Tiger Princess thing) and a blog. Then I deviated a little and started a webzine… only a small diversion and not one that I expect to get much bigger than it is at the moment.

The next step is to get a published presence that is all my own – not through an anthology, but through self publishing.

So here is the sneak peek – I’m going to publish a series of novellas through Smashwords. I’ll post more info as and when they are available, but the project is going well so far and with a little help from my friends and family (especially those with E-Readers) I may get somewhere with it.

I have also put the first chapter of the first book of my YA Series “The Secret of Arking Down” up on Night Reading and this is another step – attempting, seriously to get into print through Indie Publishers.

But to do this, I need help – and this is where you get to read.

Go to Night Reading join, take a look around and then read and comment on my chapter – “The Secret of Arking Down, Book One: The Angel’s Crown” – it’ll help get me noticed and might even get me into next month’s poll to be picked to be published!

So, go on. Give me a hand here… you know you want to! *Flutters Eyelashes and smiles coyly*