>Hmmm… maybe I need to extend myself here.

>I’ve just checked my stats for the whole time this blog has been open – roughly two years – and I’ve had 1639 views in that whole time! I’m shocked… I thought I was loved!


I got the most page views in January this year. What was I doing? I was reviewing books… so, is that all I’m good for? Does no one want to visit my blog for my witty banter…

The answer to that is no.

Nobody visits my blog… unless I am reviewing a book. Which is a bit of a compliment – after all, I might have helped someone buy a new book that way!

Can I just draw your attention to one fact – one tinsy winsy little fact, that you might have overlooked…


I have several pages here –  there is examples of my creative writing ( Noetry and Short Stories) as well as a look into who I am away from the PC and what I do to relax (I make things, okay!) I have a page for links, I have a page for my novels (just in case anyone is interested) and I am also trying to get an anthology off the ground – it has its own page!

So what’s wrong with my blog? Am I not interesting enough? Do I not post enough? TELL ME!

*takes a very deep breath*

Anyway – I’ve updated my Novels page, so have a look – I’ve put up an excerpt of the novella I am planning to publish on Smashwords soon, as well as the cover art for both that and the first book of my YA Series “The Secret of Arking Down”
There’s even a page telling you about my friend, fellow writer, graphic artist (she did the cover for “Angel’s Crown”) and colleague in the Jewellery Making circles… Maria Kuroshchepova!

So why do I have so few followers? And so few people reading my blog?


I post when I can – I do have to try and write other things you know – and when I post I try and make it interesting.

Ah well, enough whining. I’m off to write an MC into an impossible situation where she has to solve a probable problem and do it with verve, finesse and style…


2 thoughts on “>Hmmm… maybe I need to extend myself here.”

  1. >Hey! I read every post you make, young lady. I just don't always comment or even come *to* your blog to read it. I'm never sure if the stats include Google Reader followers, of if they even can. But I always know when you post something new and I always read it. Take heart, m'love. You're doing great!If there was something I think you could add (if you wanted, there's nothing really missing), you could bring the artists, like Brian Talgo and Anne Stokes, whom you featured on the webzine on here. Specifically, the fantasy and horror artists. That's your writing niche, so it might be a good idea to bring it in here, too. Just a thought. Keep in mind, I still don't have a freakin' focus for my blog, so I'm just flappin' my gums, as my dad would say. 😀

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