>Review: Blood Tears by Raven Dane


When a foreign child is abandoned by her family in Isolann’s wolf-ridden forests, she is taken to live under Azrar’s protection as his ward. The strange ability that the girl possesses, a power that so terrified her own people, could be the only hope for Prince Azrar’s survival.

The Dark Kind is an ancient species, the top of the Primate food chain, slowly dying out as ever-present Humanity expands.
A powerful Dark Kind Warlord brings up a Human Girl, Khari, for she holds special powers. When the Human world inevitably intrudes upon her peaceful world, her Guardian sends her out to learn about her own kind, while he fights the menace that threatens the health and well-being of every living thing.
This is a Vampire story. That much is certain, but despite the obligatory vampiric introduction of Jendar Azrar in the first chapter, full of the joys of the hunt and his feeding, “Blood Tears” is certainly not your usual type of Vampire story. “Blood Tears” is a Dark Fantasy and Raven Dane knows how to construct a realistic tale, drawing the reader into the world without them noticing. She has woven the fantastic elements of the story through the backdrop of the Second World War in such a way that it is a seriously plausible accounting of the war.
This is not a story for those who want the emotional “I’ve lived for a hundred years and I’m sooo lonely” type of Vampire; there is no teenage angst here. The horror doesn’t come from the Dark Kind, but the various human monsters both in military uniform and civilian guise… and I don’t just mean the Nazis. All the usual Vampire clichés are here; however, Raven’s writing style makes the whole book original and new, with reasonable explanations for all the cliches from being Nocturnal to needing Human Blood to survive.
I’ve read many different ways of presenting Vampires (except Twilight – don’t ask) and this is very much my favourite one. I feel that “Blood Tears” is on par with “Interview with a Vampire” and in many ways surpasses it. The characters are created in such a way that it is a real wrench to leave them at the end of the book and you are left wondering what happens next. I fell in love with Jazriel from the moment he was introduced and hated Prof. Parrish with a similar passion and this is why I love the book!
If you like the Vampire / Gothic Romance Genre then this is one book you are going to love!

Praise for Blood Tears
Vampirism at a deliciously literary level, dark fantasy at its best!’ – Gary Power, Author

Taut, pacey and beautifully written, a refreshingly different vampire novel. I cannot praise Blood Tears enough. –  Karen Stevens for The British Fantasy Society

“The story is compelling and intriguing – a must to read.” – Helen Hollick, author of Pendragon’s Banner Trilogy, Harold the King and A Hollow Crown

“Sexy, subversive and beautifully written” – Rachel Cropper, TFC 

“Raven continually manages to use clichés of this romantic gothic genre and
twist them into something new. Incredibly refreshing” – Alix Ali, Bucks Free Press
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I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!