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Teaser Tuesday

Book Two of the Novella Series

A swift excerpt from Book Two of “The Tower and The Eye” Novella Series – “A Party at Castle Grof”…

* * * * * *

“That would indeed be an excellent Plan, if it were not for the fact that you are watching Master. What would you like to do, Milord?” the Jar grinned.

The Overlord pondered for a moment, his head on his hand. Then he used both hands in a book opening gesture. One of the books from a pile on the table beside the throne floated into his lap and opened.

“Ah, the Grof Dungeon profile.” The Jar murmured.

The Overlord flicked through the pages to a map of the Dungeon and spent a few moments tracing his finger around the rooms. He laid the book aside, still open and went over to the window. A brief hand gesture later and the face of the Grof Custodian appeared.

She was a shapely elf with long deep red – brown hair, blue eyes and skin so pale it resembled a fine, translucent linen cloth.

“Dearest Lord and Master, how may I serve you?” Her voice chimed musically as she curtsied deeply. It was deep enough to show her ample cleavage in the low neck of a deep red dress and the Overlord was clearly mesmerised by the sight

“You will be having a party of adventurers arrive in your Dungeon shortly, Lych Mistress.” The jar told her.

The Overlord waved his hand over the bottom left corner of the window and a map of the Dungeon appeared. He pointed to the spot where the Party’s planned tunnel would start and as he traced a line across to the Heart Crystal Dais.

The Lych Mistress made a pretty moue of irritation “Again? I have only just rid myself of the last group.” She appeared to study something in front of her, “A tunnel? Hmmm, I have some Hellhounds available, Lord, I could build a guard post between the Library and the Lair. Hellhounds are perfect guard dogs.”

The Overlord nodded.

“Excellent idea, Lych Mistress. Oversee the work personally.” The Jar said as the elf curtsied again and the view returned to that of the party.

“That Lych Mistress is one fine figure of an Elf – mayhap you could make her your Mistress?” the jar suggested slyly.

The Overlord growled and the Jar seemed almost to jump “Of course not Master, I would never suggest…”

The Overlord shook his head and sat back down on the throne, facing the window.

* * * * * *

And what’s the plan that the Overlord and his Jar are discussing? Well you’ll have to wait and see…

In the meantime, why not pick up Book One – “The Tower and The Eye: A Beginning” ?

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