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A new Edition of Welcome to Wherever…

The last weekend of the month (or the first, depending on which direction you are looking in) is always a bit of a tough one for me.

I spend the week before it in a panic, usually because I haven’t had enough submissions for the webzine, or I haven’t got an Artist for the Featured Artist section. I find everything (eventually) then I spend a day and a sleepless night trying to get it put together.

It’s not a difficult thing really – I have to put each accepted submission on its own page, check the formatting (occasionally it goes screwy transferring from word to wordpress) and add any pictures that may be required.

Once all the pages are done, I make sure they are linked to the correct section of the menu and update the menu itself to show them.

What makes it more difficult is that my Family constantly interrupt me.

Drink requests, meal requests, we-don’t-have-enough-food-we-have-to-go-shopping requests… No matter how much I plan my time out to get the webzine done, the family tend to make the process more difficult. And when it gets more difficult I get stressed and irritable!

I sometimes wonder if I really should be doing this.  I don’t get paid to put the webzine together and as soon as I start Teaching again my time for writing and the webzine will shrink massively.

I know I get a few readers – that’s what the stats tell me at least, but I have no idea if they like what they see… I get so few comments on the pages.

“Welcome to Wherever…” will be a year old in October. The next few months will tell me if I’ll be celebrating it or closing it.