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Teaser Tuesday – The Tower and the Eye: Freya’s Freedom

Being free wasn’t as good as it had first seemed, Freya mused as she trudged up the north-west road. Yes, she no longer had to do everything that she was told. True, she had her own money. But none of the older slaves at the Pleasurehouse had told her that being so well known in the Capital would be such a problem. She sighed and stopped for a moment, putting her bag down and rolling her shoulders.

“And what is a sweet young maiden such as yourself doing afoot?” a voice asked from behind her.

She choked back a giggle at the speech, turned and shaded her eyes from the rising sun. Coming down the Reldheim road was a knight wearing a green and white tabard over his travelling clothes. His mount was a pure white Elven mare and he led a pack horse and a coal black Elven stallion.

“I have not the money to purchase a steed, Sir Knight.” Freya replied, dropping into her sultry, smooth ‘work’ voice, tilting her head to the right.

He reined to a halt beside her and dismounted, “Where is your escort? A pure maiden such as yourself should not roam Jinran unescorted.”

“My brother Sir Grald, is meeting me in Jinra, Sir Knight. The message he sent assured me that I would be unmolested in my travel.” Freya gauged the effect her words were having on the knight and added a little flutter of her long black eyelashes as punctuation.