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RFL Training Week One

Theoretically I should have started my Race For Life Training this week. I’d added the date to my phone and set up an alert. I wrote ‘RFL Training Start’  in red on my wall chart and in my diaries…

This is theTraining Route I had decided on –

So. What have I done so far?


I had a brisk 20m walk down to the village school last night. That’s approx. 1/3 of my training route…  roughly 2k. I was so puffed out by the time I got to the school, that it took me a good five minutes to recover!

Hmm… I think this is going to take a while. My aim you see, is to run the 5k Race For Life next year.  Sadly, I’ve spent the last year or so mostly sat on my butt at the PC with the odd gentle walk or bike ride into the village and back.

I have all sorts of Wii based fitness games (Wii Fit, Zumba Fitness, EA Sports…), I have Yoga DVD’s, a PIlates DVD, Aerobics DVD’s, as well as an Abtech, hand weights, a gymball, a mini trampoline, a mountain bike and some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain a stones throw away.  I usually find that I’ll do one session with something  that I have and then life gets in the way!

Well, no more.

I shall be blogging weekly about my training efforts and I’m going to review each of my Training Equipment / Devices for effectiveness in the Webzine, so that should give me a motivation boost – especially as I need to use them for a decent amount of time to gauge the effectiveness of such Home Gym Equipment.

What’s up first… Well the Zumba Fitness game is the latest addition (Zumba sounds like so much fun!) to my Home Gym Collection, so we’ll go with that first!

Everyone has been raving on about the classes and I don’t have the spare cash to go at the moment (this was a present), so this should be the next best thing…

I’ll tell you how I get on!