Soooz Says Stuff: Book Blogger Hop May 5th 2011

Soooz Says Stuff: Book Blogger Hop May 5th 2011.

“Which book blogger would you most like to meet in real life?”

Wah! I can’t answer this with one person… why? 

Well, in the three / four years that I have inhabited the internet and have been infesting writer’s websites, I’ve made a number of friends.


But if I have to go in some kind of order, it’s going to have to be chronological (in the order that I met them) –

  • M. J. Heiser
  • James McShane
  • Nancy Keel
  • Nancy Hatch
  • Melissa Benson
  • Larilie
  • Minefloozle
  • Noelle Pierce
  • Tee L Tyson
  • Justin Anderson
  • JD Revene
  • Suze Burke
  • John Booth
  • Jane Alexander
  • Stella Deleuze
  • Sessha Batto
  • Diane Nelson
  • Maria Kuroshchepova
  • Jake Barton
…and those are just the people I can name off the top of my head! I want to meet the ones I haven’t mentioned as well – they all know who they are.
Hmm – maybe I ought to just invite them all to my wedding… when I manage to get married… Help!