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Split Personality

I have a lot of different names… for instance, to my children I’m currently “Mummy” (although NOS has started calling me Mum recently) and it’s a name that I love and hate at the same time. Those of you who are parents will know exactly what I mean by that!

When I write in one Genre, I’m Kira Morgana. If I write in another, I’m A.E. Churchyard. At Brownies,  I’m Barn Owl. When I teach,  I become Miss Ward, Mrs Court or just plain Miss.

At times, I lose track of who I am. The one name that is always me, though, is the Tiger Princess. I’ve been the Tiger Princess (aka Tigger or TP) for such a long time that I can’t remember not being her.

So I googled “Tiger Princess”… just for fun.

Apart from the Kindle edition of my Blog  (yes, you can get all my witterings delivered directly to your kindle for the minute sum of 99p) and the usual links to Welcome to Wherever where I’ve had a few things published, you also get another author popping up.

No, it’s not another one of my pen names…

Sarah Renee has written a book called “The Tiger Princess” and it’s this that pops up. It sounds pretty interesting, so I’ll be reviewing it in the next week or so… but just in case you want to know what I’m talking about, here’s the trailer:

When I woke up this morning I was singing “Firework” by Katie Perry:

I’m not sure why I was singing it, but it made me want to re-evaluate the way I look at myself, hence the look at my split personality. I’m not sure where I am in the middle of all those personalities, but I know that they are all different facets of me and I don’t need to go looking for who I am, I just have to haul her out of the middle of it.

And that made me think.

Are all Humans like me? Do we all have split personalities or is it just creative people who have different names for their roles? What do you think?

When was the last time you hauled the Real You out of the middle and let him or her have the stage?

2 thoughts on “Split Personality”

  1. I was very interested in the fact that you published on the Kindle. It’s been a while since I last inquired about doing the same, and at that time it was necessary for the author to have a bank account in the USA. Naturally I passed on this because I’m based in England. Has the situation changed? Regarding pen names – I write under two. One for my comedy fantasy (Tooty Nolan), and another for my science fiction (Clive Thunderbolt – a moniker created by my son off the top of his head). I’m also trying to come up with a female pen name for a Clive Thunderbolt story that I wrote in the first person, which features a sixteen year old girl as the central character. So far every name that I’ve invented has already been taken. I’m left with Vanilla Redbush – but as one of my readers said, that sound like a great name for a writer of erotica, but hardly suitable for children of any age. What’s in a name, eh?

    1. Hi,

      I have a paypal account and everything from kindle goes through that. Kindle Direct Publishing ( and Smashwords both allow you to use Paypal as your royalty gatherer, and I find it’s the best way to do this.

      How about using a baby name book / website to find your female pen name? That’s how I decided on Kira Morgana…

      Thanks for commenting – I love hearing from other writers and readers…

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