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THAT GIRL TYSON: Blogger, Vlogger and…

…well, I’ll let you decide on the rest in a minute. First, an introduction…

I have a number of friends who are Writers and Artists. They all suffer from the same thing – self doubt.

Hell, I suffer from it a lot as well!

This one particular friend, T. L. Tyson, deliberately pushed past her fears and started a Vlog (Video Blog) this time last year.  Now she’s a regular Vlogger and every Friday, I eagerly await her notification that her latest Vlog is up on YouTube.

Have you seen Tyson’s Vlog? You haven’t?

Well zip over to YouTube and take a look at her channel – That Girl Tyson – and you can take a look at a back catalogue including such subjects as:

Badass Zombies And Not So Tough

My Bookshelf

Little Bad Parent Pageant

YouPorn – Hot or Not?

Of course,  many other sizzling episodes await your eyes. So I expect you’ll want to spend some time catching up.

But once you’ve done that, there is much more to Tyson than meets the eye.

For a start, there is her blog, also entitled “That Girl Tyson”.  And here we see the reason why I started this post off with the bit about self doubt.  Today’s blog post is about getting over your fears about exposing yourself to the public.

So go check  the post out on THAT GIRL TYSON: Fear Not, Expose Yourself and I’ll wait here for a bit…


T. L. Tyson


But there isn’t just one side, blog or Vlog to T. L. Tyson. She’s also an incredibly brilliant writer.

I’ve been lucky enough to read some of Tyson’s work through my Flash Fiction Contest and she has won several other contests for short fiction.

You can find out more about Tyson’s writing on her website – T. L. Tyson Writes – and believe me there is lots to look through over there!

I’ll see you on Friday when Tyson’s Vlog is up… it’s sure to be a good one!