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They seek her here, they seek her there…


I just thought I’d update everyone about my websites. I have more than one and even I get confused!

So, let’s see. There’s –


TP’s World of Images – Here’s where you’ll find my crafting side coming out to play. I’ve got artwork up on here, jewellery that I’ve made and various animations that I’ve done. I’ll also post trailers for my books here as well.





Welcome to Wherever – My Webzine. It’s updated monthly and has wonderful content, written by authors and poets that aren’t me. I do slip myself in from time to time though…




Kira_m_author – My Twitter account; just in case you want to follow me…

The World of The Tiger Princess – This is my author page on FB.

Welcome to Wherever – This is my Webzine’s FB Page.

Oh and of course there’s the new place as well –

The Tower and The Eye – This is the series’ FB page, where information about “The Tower and The Eye” will more than likely pop up…

…other than on “The Tower and The Eye” Page here, of course!

* * *

Please be patient with me – it takes me a while to get round all of them!