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The Count Down begins…

It’s nearly here…

18 days until this year’s NaNoWriMo starts!

Do you remember last year? Yes, I “won” last year and I am planning on “winning” again this year, with…

What was that?

You don’t know what NaNoWriMo is?


I’ve explained this every year I’ve competed and every year I have to explain it again…

National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo or simply NaNo, is a novel-writing challenge that takes place every November. Participants begin writing on November first with a goal of completing a 50,000-word novel from scratch by the end of the month.

And that’s taken right out of the Horse’s mouth – wikiwrimo itself… if you want to know more visit there with your questions!

Well, really…


Sorry, small Sheldonian Moment there.


As I was saying, I’m planning on writing Book Three of   “The Secret of Arking Down” Series this year. There is method in my madness you see. Oh yes…

Book One – The Angel’s Crown, “won” me NaNo 2009 – but I never finished the story. In fact it’s taken me the last three years to redraft the first book three times and complete the story line!

Bk One is currently being betaread… I am seriously dreading doing the editing, rewriting and organising that I know it needs.

Book Two – The Dragon’s Pendant, won me NaNo 2010 – I haven’t touched this first draft yet, it’s still aging and percolating away in the darkness of my hard drive…

My Betareader will be getting Bk Two in her inbox as soon as she wants it – I have no rush to publish, so it can wait it’s turn.

Book Three – The Second Door, will “win” me this year’s NaNo as well. How do I know this? Well, half the writing of a novel is involved in creating the characters and the world that they exist in.

The basics are already completed for this novel – Arkingham is planned out, The Grange has its maps and tunnels already sorted and my main Character is Jenni Pendry’s twin Sister, Morgana, so I already know my character.

However, there is still a little planning to do.

I need to research a few things, write a bit of a plot/timeline – just to make sure I get it done in order. Then all I have to do is write the thing.

*smiles and rubs hands together enthusiastically*

Of course, I have to do it around my coursework, any teaching I get thrown into, Brownies and the Family, so between the dates of 1st Nov and 30th Nov, don’t expect to see me a great deal – after all I will have to write a chapter a day (approx 2k words) in order to cross the finishing line.

As a bit of a treat, here’s the cover and blurb for The Second Door – enjoy!

Morgana Davis-Pendry, has been through hell.

First, her parents divorce, then her sister inherits a fortune and drops her like a stone. The illness that took her sight from her was just the icing on the inedible cake. Darkness ruled her life for five very long years and seeped into her soul a little at a time.

Now her sight has been restored and is staying with her father in Arkingham to recuperate from the operation.

Can the Darkness in her soul be lifted as well? Or will she succumb?