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Introducing: Monster Monday!

2012 means one thing for me – the start of the publication of my Novella series, “The Tower and The Eye“.

I thought that I’d start introducing a few of the monsters to you, especially as they don’t really get a chance to have much fun.

*rifles around in the Monster Character Box*


*pulls a hand out with a small greeny-grey creature biting the end of her index finger.*

I suppose this is as good a place to start as any.

*uses tongs to detach creature from finger and places it in a jam jar, screwing the lid on tight.*

Don’t worry,  there are air holes in the lid and I’ll put it back into the box once we’re finished examining it.

This little thing is a Gremlin. *points at the creature in the jar, which looks mildly interested at the end of finger* This one is freshly spawned, hence the vicious tendencies.

Despite the oddly cute face with long pointed ears, you should never let your guard down around them. One of the most numerous of the Dungeon creatures due to it’s high spawning rate, the Gremlin is most to be feared when there are more than one or two.

It’s green pupiless eyes show that it is almost constantly under possession by its Custodian. Should there be a slim golden ring around the outside of eye, then the Master of  I’ Mor Barad is in possession and you should be wary of what you say and do.

*The gremlin giggles*

They don’t care about appearances and most of the time don’t bother washing either. If you are of a Race with a sensitive nose, it is possible to smell them coming in the darkest of tunnels. However, should you stumble into a Gremlin Nest, then you would probably pass out from the smell.

Their strengths lie in tunnelling, construction and other menial tasks; but they can be trained to fight and with patience can evolve enough intelligence for simple spells such as invisibility and teleportation. High ranking Gremlins are almost the same size as a Goblin and can be mistaken for them, were it not for the eyes.

*Takes the gremlin out of the jar with the tongs. It blows a raspberry.*

One thing is for certain. If you let it loose without binding it with a confusion spell, then you will experience a lot of trouble. Gremlins love to cause problems and whatever you do, don’t let it anywhere near a computer, or you may just lose a lot of work!

*Mutters a spell over the gremlin and drops it back into the box.*

So that’s the Gremlin. I hope you enjoyed meeting the foul little thing… * frowns and sighs as she looks at the Gremlin bite.* Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get a tetanus injection and make sure this is clean before I cover it; you can never be too careful with Gremlin bites…