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Feature Friday…

…what is it?

Well, actually it’s Show and Tell day, when I acquaint you with something I have found (on the net or otherwise) and give you a few salient factoids about the object/website/picture etc, etc.

So, what am I going to show you?

* * * * *

One of my favourite  EVER Google Doodles…

On 9th June this doodle appeared on the homepage –

The Doodle was in celebration of Les Paul’s 96th Birthday and as well as being a great deal of fun (you can record thirty seconds of yourself playing with the strings and then you get a link that plays it back to you), brought back some very happy memories for me –  sitting listening to my Dad play the guitar and if I had been especially good that day, he’d sing “Puff the Magic Dragon” to me.

This is one of the most beautiful songs about the innocence of childhood that I know.

I used to sing it to my children to get them to sleep and when the book came out a little while back, I snapped it up – especially as there was a CD with it featuring the soothing voice of Peter Yarrow, one of the original singers.

Puff, the Magic Dragon (Book & CD)

My six year old daughter loves it so much that just listening to the CD can calm her down. It’s useful at bedtime as well, because if she’s sleepy she’ll just drift away to the music.

I still want to learn to play the Guitar – maybe one day I’ll be able to and then I might be able to sing it to my grandchildren; assuming either of my children decide to make me a grandmother!

But it was Puff that set me firmly on the Fantasy course and made me love Dragons so much – he’s the reason that I call my muse “Puff” as well, although my Puff is blue and purple, rather than green:

And obviously this representation of him is a Star Pet, but Puff holds a very special place in my heart and always will.

So, what memory from your childhood does this Google doodle bring back? Follow the link below, have a play – maybe even record yourself! But please come back and tell me about the memory it evokes and why it is so special to you.

1 thought on “Feature Friday…”

  1. Since I lack all musical talent, I couldn’t do much with the googledoodle! But it was nice to be reminded of ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’. I am very much involved with dragons at the moment, though rather grimmer ones than Puff!

    Someone once told me that ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’ was actually about smoking pot – but that doesn’t really fit the words, does it. Could be that every pop song from that time was suspected of being about drugs!

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