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Random Thoughts and Ramblings: Gene Theory

Have you ever actually thought about what is in your Genes?

Well, I’m wearing a UK size 16, so I guess there’s a little more in them than there should be…

No, not those sort of Jeans. Genes, DNA, the building blocks that make us what we are.

Oh, those ones.

I’m not talking about eye colour or a link to cancer or the size of your hips. What I mean is the things that all humans are born with. Look at a baby. From the moment they are born they express their feelings honestly. The very first of these is Love. They love everyone who loves them. It’s what one of my friends calls the “Aww!” defence.

“Aww!” defence?

Never heard of it.

Take a look at this picture:

The first reaction that many people have, both men and women is “Aww! Isn’t that a sweet little baby.”

This defence is vital for the baby’s well being, the ability to make a normal adult human look after them.

Look after the baby for long enough and they will love you for it. This is written into our genes and not only keeps you looking after them, but makes you a more loveable person yourself.

After all, how many times have you seen a man playing with a baby and not gone “Aww. He loves his baby, so he must be a nice person to know.”

The second thing that we are born with is Wonder. Everything in the world is brand new and fascinating to a baby. Try and see the world with their eyes; you’ll see the world in a way that you haven’t seen it since you were first born. It’s a humbling experience.

Babies are born not knowing how to lie. They can only express themselves honestly and truthfully. This is why Truth is the third thing in all human genes.

As babies grow up, the Energy to explore what they see arrives, and they have the Ambition to experience the world around them.

As soon as they can be tickled or play, Fun is there and never really leaves. It’s infectious and the one thing that can make virtually everybody laugh is a baby laughing and having fun.

See what I mean?

The moment they can move on their own, little ones get Creative with all sorts of things. I’ll never forget the day that my son progressed from rolling around on his playmat to crawling.

I couldn’t find him and after frantically searching the flat, found him in my bedroom. He’d got hold of the pot of nappy cream, pulled the lid off and was happily smearing it all over his face, hair and body. As it was bright pink, it looked rather funny and I went from being scared and angry to laughing as he grinned up at me, full of pride at what he’d achieved.

I wish I’d had a camera to take a photo of it…

It’s as this point when their Imagination really does explode with life. Hours of fun can be had with a box of wooden blocks , building them into a tower and letting the little one knock them down.

Have you ever listened / watched them play?

It’s fascinating how they figure things out and what they do. As they get older and start articulating their thoughts verbally, you can hear their imagination growing bigger and bigger.

These things, these emotions are all in our human genes. We learn to ignore them as we grow up:

Somewhere inside of us, all these things are waiting for us to rediscover them, sitting there in our genes, waiting for us to contact them through our inner child and use them the way they are supposed to be used.

Because that is why they are a part of our genes. They are part of us as humans and we should use these emotions and not the ones that we’ve been forced to learn by the stress and strain of modern day living.

Contact your inner child. You’ll find him / her in your genes…

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