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Monster Monday: Skeletons, the backbone of the Overlord’s Armies…

… and I’m not joking either.

Today’s Monster Monday is all about Skeletons.

*Notices people looking around nervously*

Don’t worry, I’m not bringing one in here – there are just too many types and the reanimation magic used on their remains keeps them close to their home dungeon.

*People relax*

So I’ll just tell you about them…

The first type of Skeleton Guard is the Standard Skeleton. These can be reanimated with a minimum of effort by the newest of warlocks, from any age of bone and normal raised from the graveyards of peasant stock from the Overworlds.

Standard Skeletons can then be trained in the same way as other creatures, through sparring and battles with other creatures. This type of skeleton isn’t particularly intelligent, requiring careful supervision, especially around Hell Hounds and Blood Wolves.

The animals will do what any canine likes to do and steal bones from the skeletons, either gnawing them into splinters to keep their teeth sharp or burying them in out of the way spots to save for later, which can me disastrous just before a battle or skirmish.

The next level of Skeleton is one raised from an enemy creature. These Eneletons are considered the Officers of Standard Skeletons, being created from already trained creatures during incarceration in the dungeon’s Holding Cell

Dark Mistresses are responsible for the full creation of Eneletons, as many will attempt to return to their previous masters. They must be carefully reconditioned to their fate before being allowed to train and draw pay in the Skeleton Guard.

The final level of Skeleton is that raised from the incarceration, torture and defection of a hero of any class. They keep their skill levels and require no reconditioning once they have been accepted by the crystal. These Heletons are the elite of the Skeleton Guard, often undertaking dangerous, secret missions, when they aren’t running the Skeleton Guard in te ranks of the upper Officers.

It is safe to say that the Skeleton Guard is truly the Backbone… thigh bone, skull, jaw… of a competent Dungeon Custodian’s forces!

*groans are heard from the audience*

I’ll take that as a compliment!