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What if…

… the internet imploded under all the weight of our information (books, profiles, bank accounts and so forth) and we were left completely in the dark about what was going on in the world?

How would you manage?

What would you do?

*grins wickedly and leaves the room*

2 thoughts on “What if…”

  1. Actually, we are in the dark about what is going on in the world. The perception that we know what’s going in is an illusion brought about by the mass of information available to us. However, it is a fallacy to believe that information equates to knowledge. The failure of our information technology would offer us the opportunity to truly discern what we actually know, rather than what we just know about, and we would enter an era of greater contentment, where we would be happy with knowing less and understanding more rather than struggling to know more about what we don’t understand.

    More or less.

    (Not bad for this time of night, eh?!)

    1. What? I lost you in the middle there somewhere! *grins* I understand what you mean, but wouldn’t you miss having easy access to the friends you’ve made through the net?

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