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Writer Wednesday: Paul Trembling

I’ve known Paul Trembling for a couple of years now. He’s a talented writer who seems to be able to turn his hand to almost anything – he won the FSS Contest at least once (I owe him a winners badge) and since I started “Welcome to Wherever”  he has been a regular contributor.

He has his own website where you can find out more about him and he has an author’s page on Facebook so that you can keep up-to-date with his latest books.

And yes, he has published more than one!

Here’s the List – in order of publication :-


Scenes of Crime Officer Marcie Kelshaw didn’t like her colleague, Ben Drummond. Nobody did, really. Nevertheless, when she stumbles across a clue to his murder, she thinks it should be followed up. Even without any official backing. Even when it strains her friendships, risks her career, and endangers her family.

The trail of clues leads to some dark and terrifying places, to a murderous climax, and the truth about Ben’s murder – which was not at all what it seemed. Along the way, she’ll open more than one can of worms. Written by a serving Scenes of Crime Officer, this story will take you into the world of ‘CSI – UK’, where every day might bring a burnt out car, a burglary, or a murder. 


Finally a realistic novel! –  14 Jan 2012 By CSI Motty
“As a operational CSI myself it was really nice to read a realistic book about police investigations, I can actually see some of the characters in my office!!!

This book is incredibly gripping, I was given it for Xmas and had read it by Boxing Day, it keeps building and building and the ending is really exciting. Good solid plot throughout, excellent character development, a thoroughly rivetting read!

Looking forward to the next one, Paul.”

 * * *

On the edge of my seat, 10 Oct 2011 By Dr Mike
“Can of Worms kept me reading every spare moment to find out what happens. The twists and turns needed a satnav to predict, but no post code so you have to keep at it. Great stuff Paul when’s the next one perhaps a “Can of Beans”?”
* * *
Great British Crime, 13 Mar 2012 By Babs Morton

“This is a cracking British crime thriller, with a believable female lead in Marcie, the SOCO who can’t seem to resist getting involved, despite being thwarted at every turn. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Good solid investigative details against a clever plot that culminates in a thrilling finale.

Well worth a read, highly recommended.”


In this world, there’s no St George.When Rimsey Stolworth is selected to be the next sacrifice to the dragon, she knows she’s in trouble. She’s the tenth to be chosen, and the other nine all died. Unpleasantly.

But she has three things in her favour – guts, brains and a book about dragons.

It could be the dragon that’s in trouble!

Dragons Beware!, 13 Mar 2012 By Babs Morton
“I picked this up after reading another book by the same author. Different genre entirely but equally well written.

I liked this, it has a whimsical feel to it, yet the humour is very cleverly done so as to appear understated. Rimsey is a gutsy heroine, who uses her brains and wit rather than brawn, to thwart Dragons and Dragon Slayers alike. All three stories are easy, fun reads and could certainly be developed into a longer series of stories.”
* * *
Very entertaining., 9 Feb 2012 By R. Jones

“Sprinkled with light quirky humour, interesting characters, mild social comment and bloodthirsty dragons, I heartily recommend Paul Trembling’s “The Ways of Dragons” to anyone. Short but tremendously entertaining, at this price a snap.
Go for it.”

 * * *
An entertaining tale., 5 Feb 2012 By Marj
“A short but very entertaining read. And I did enjoy the quote from the first story, when the supposed-to-be virgin sacrifice to the dragon tells her parents that she’d thought of losing her virginity so that she would no longer qualify. ‘Better up the duff than down the gullet.’
But anyway, as we soon learn, the dragon doesn’t care whether the human is virgin, young or even female. Rimsey is a great heroine, with a dose of common sense as well as a big dose of courage. Three enjoyable tales for a tiny price.”

Rimsey is enjoying her new life as apprentice to Aldors Morrin, Master Dragon Slayer. It’s steady work – there are plenty of dragons out there. Plus which she’s learning new skills, travelling widely, and meeting some interesting people. People like Sir Marnon of the Dragon Slayer’s Guild, and the fascinating Dragon Priests. Of course, it’s not all glamour. On the down side, those interesting people are trying to kill her, and the dragons want to eat her.

But there’s one thing all of them – Dragon Slayers, Dragon Priests, and Dragons – will learn the hard way: 

You don’t mess with Rimsey!

This is the latest book and doesn’t have any reviews… yet!
I have read all of the Rimsey Stories in my capacity as Editor of Welcome to Wherever, and I can fully recommend both of the last two books.
The writing is smooth, the comedy wry and very funny; but the main thing that I find most engaging about these stories is the main character. Rimsey is a strong, independent woman who knows exactly what she wants, in a realm that doesn’t recognised the equality of women.
I adore these books (and coming from someone who loves dragons, that means a lot!) and think that Rimsey should be travelling a lot further than just her realm – she ought to be teaching teenagers in this realm a thing or two about their gender!
So, there you go – three wonderful books to add to your kindle collection. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

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