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I got a brilliant review!!!

LOOK! One of my very favourite authors has reviewed my latest book and he likes it!! WOOHOOO!!!
*dances around the room*
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5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant Young Adult Fantasy, 10 Oct 2012
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This review is from: The Angel’s Crown (The Secret of Arking Down) (Kindle Edition)

I have bought and read several of Kira’s books, but this one stands head and shoulders above them. It is a wonderfully imaginative piece of young adult writing,

It traces the life of Jenni from the moment her parents divorce and physically move apart. Her father takes her away from her identical twin sister, a girl she has been telepathically linked to since birth to a town far from home. Jenni wants to wallow in despair, but from the moment she arrives she finds herself in the thick of it.

This is a rollercoaster of a story told by someone with a great imagination. Ancient houses, standing stones, secret passages and other worlds await. It is no wonder that Jenni’s sister soon becomes jealous (I was). This book overflows with ideas, energy and wit.

Not so much a coming of age story as a ‘becoming’ story. It sets up a universe of immense complexity with a host of characters you will want to know more about. The only complaint I had was that I couldn’t read the sequel straight after I finished this one


I suppose I had better get on and finish editing the second book so I can get it out! Once I’ve got the bubbles out of my system though…

*goes back to dancing*