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Writer Wednesday: M Cid D’Angelo

In a world where black magic is real, Artemus Dark is a paranormal investigator without a gun confronting demons, sorcerers and ghosts in a barrage of cases that often – literally – are to die for.

In Dark Running, Artemus searches for the murderer of his sorcerer-brother in a darkly-atmospheric New Orleans. Deluged with a host of surreal characters, almost every one of them a suspect, Artemus soon discovers that Philip was killed in his connection in the recovery of an ancient grimoire in Malta: the fabled Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus.

Anyone possessing the artifact can control great powers; Artemus takes on the case and then discovers he’s been hexed to die – ripped to shreds by a faceless demon, summoned by the forces of the Tablet itself.

Not fully believing in the Tablet’s existence, Artemus escapes harrowing encounters with his demon and assorted villains using powerful black magic. As clues (and bodies!) pile up, the investigator tries to connect the dots to the mystery, but nothing seems to make sense. With the help of a voodoo psychic, Artemus discovers the only way he can be rid of his hex is to have the caster willfully destroy the “binding object” with which it was made. Death stalks every shadowy corner as the ghost-hunter flies from the rainy streets of New Orleans to the far-flung shores of Malta, hoping to discover the secrets behind the murder and the location of the Tablet itself.

At the end, confronted with death and dismemberment by his horrific nether-demon, Artemus discovers something startling about his own identity and his connection with the Tablet … a revelation that will change his life forever.

Artemus Dark is the kind of hero that you can’t help falling in love with. He’s charming and mischievous but with a mysterious, romantic feel to the character that draws you in and makes you care about him.

In Dark Running, we meet Dark as he is placating his boss and teaching a University Class. You can imagine him as the kind of handsome professor that girls will do anything for, but he knows his subject so well that the guys admire him too. He is, in essence, a paranormal Indiana Jones.

Oh, didn’t I mention that?

Dark Running is a paranormal thriller, but not one with lovesick vampires and rugged werewolves. No, this book is a full on action adventure drawing you from the halls of academia to the shadowy underworld of New Orleans when Dark goes hunting for the reason his estranged brother Philip was murdered.

The prose is smooth with a bitter after-taste (a bit like the very best Dark Chocolate) giving it a realistic feel that suggests D’Angelo really has seen the places he is describing and has haunted the same kind of back streets.

D’Angelo’s wit is sharp and you can easily imagine this as a movie or a TV Series because of the sheer magnetism of his writing. In fact D’Angelo is a talented improv actor / stand up comedian and this skill is shown off in his dialogue. His short stories have appeared in diverse publications, showing that he is an experienced and gifted author.

I can recommend this book to anyone looking for an exciting and thrilling dive into the world of the paranormal.

To pick up a copy of this enigmatic author’s book and to check out the other wonders in the series, pop over to Amazon:

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