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Women in Horror Month

This is an important month for women writers, especially those of us who write horror stories.

February is  “Women in Horror” month

While I might not write a lot of it, I do like reading it (well who doesn’t like to scare themselves?)  and when I do write it, I try to do the best job possible. I’ve run through as many different horror scenarios in my short stories as I can and I’m trying to write a horror book as we speak…

Anyway, a colleague of mine, Christine Sutton, was picked to write a Guest Blog Post for reviewer Sylv Jenkins. 

Christine Sutton is a prolific writer with so many good books to her name that I’m always slightly jealous when I read through her back catalogue list.

Christine’s Amazon Author Profile

One of these is a seriously scary, gory, terrifying horror novella:


Timothy Shively is a very bad man. Just ask him, he will be happy to tell you. 
A serial killer is on a mission. An honest, brutal journey that begins in the past and leads to an epic conclusion that will leave your heart racing.

Between an abusive mother and a father that has set the stage for evil, does Timothy stand a chance to find the life that he has always dreamed of?

If he does find it, will he seize the opportunity, or is he too far gone?

Warning: This book contains scenes of relatively graphic violence. Please use good judgement when purchasing.

Prodigal Son e-Book

I really think that Christine will be a writer to watch. I wouldn’t be surprised if her work was picked up by some enterprising TV or Movie Producer either. She has an incredibly talented hand with words…

Read Christine’s Guest Blog Post: The importance of being a woman in horrorSylv Jenkins.