Whoops… I got pulled into that one – apologies to all the archaeologists and historians that actually know their facts – I posted this one on my personal FB page thinking it was real because of where it had come from. *sighs* I hope I didn’t upset anyone!

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If there is one thing that drives me absolutely bananas, it’s people spreading misinformation via social media under the guise of “educating”. I’ve seen this happen in several ways – through infographics that twist data in ways that support a conclusion that is ultimately false, or else through “meaningful” quotes falsely attributed to various celebrities, or by cobbling together a few actual facts with statements that are patently untrue to create something that seems plausible on the surface but is, in fact, full of crap.

Yesterday, the official Facebook page of (noted misogynistandeugenicsenthusiast) Richard Dawkins’ Foundation for Reason and Science shared the following image to their 637,000 fans:

Naturally, their fans lapped this shit up; after all, this is the kind of thing they absolutely live for. Religious people! Being hypocritical! And crazy! And wrong! The 2,000+ comments were chock-full of smug remarks…

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    1. *comes back having read the other blog post*

      That makes a lot of sense actually. As a Modern Pagan, I prefer to celebrate Ostara (the Vernal Equinox) instead of Easter, but because my children are being taught in christian based schools and the country we live in is officially a Christian one, I tend to keep my celebration of the festival of Ostara private and make a fuss at Easter – hence why I call it Chocolate Egg Sunday…

      I think all of the world’s belief systems contribute something good to the world, and much like the “Guardians” of Childhood (Father Christmas, the Easter Bunny, The Man in the Moon, the Sandman, The Tooth Fairy etc) they give us stories that we can understand to explain how and why humanity acts the way it does. Humans like stories – which is why writers and historians will never be out of work!

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