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Notebooks, Pens and other addictive things

Answer the following questions truthfully:

How many notebooks do you have?

Can you resist picking a new notebook up because it has a pretty cover or the paper is really nice to touch?

What’s your favourite pen?

Have you got lots of different ones?

Do you fall in love with over people’s pens and steal them once you’ve borrowed them?

Have you got a favourite type of pencil?

Do you collect collect coloured pencils or paints, or brushes or other art equipment?

Can you leave a stationary shop or art supplies store without buying anything?

Do you have certain shops that you make a beeline for when you have some disposable income?
If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you may have an addictive personality. Personally, I am addicted to Books,  Stationary, Art Supplies, Jewellery Supplies, Craft Supplies, Tools, Gardening things and Shoes.

The shops I cannot go into unless I have available money include: Waterstones, Boxes and Busts, Hobby Craft, B & Q, the Works and WHS. They are fatal for my bank balance and if I go in I have to be very careful with what I buy – I often buy things for my partner and my children but not myself…

I ought to form a support group of some kind – Notebooks Anonymous, maybe…

Sometimes it helps my writing – I love the type of notebook called a “Project Book”. These are usually notebooks that have plastic dividers already positioned equally through the pages.  I use these to work on book series most of the time, I have a section for my characters , a section for the world building, a section for a timeline/synopsis etc… yes I know, if I use Scriber I can do the same thing. But with a notebook I can have the book open while I am typing and not have to interrupt my thought patterns by flipping from screen to screen.

Sometimes it just clutters up the house. I attempt to find uses for the notebooks, but all too often they just sit on my shelf and wait…