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Music that chooses me…

I’m not sure why, but I wake up singing some mornings… recently I’ve been putting it down to Sprog trying to tell me something.

This morning it was Midnight Oil “Beds are Burning” and I had to physically check that the bed wasn’t on fire!

Yesterday it was Scissor Sisters “Return to Oz”:

Why sprog chose that one, I have no idea. He/she has an odd taste in music sometimes! Occasionally the music comes when I’m writing. Sometimes it fits what I am writing about and sometimes it’s completely opposite.

For example, when I wrote this part of “The Tower and The Eye” ‘s book 5 (no title to it yet!) –

“How many fronts are we going to watch, Lord?” The jar frowned at the windows, its eye swivelling around the grey stone. “We have the mobilisation in Galindren, the groups heading toward each of the known dungeons, the invasion from Elysia marching toward Jira, the elves lining the border of Franier and the progress on the dungeon in the Black Forest. Surely it would be better to just pick one.”

The Aracan Katuvana ignored it and snapped his fingers. A Gremlin appeared in front of him.

“The Lord requires the attention and presence of every high level demon currently in the tower. Bring them immediately.” The jar told it, voicing the Aracan’s thoughts.

The gremlin bowed, spun and disappeared.

“What do you wish me to do, my Lord?” the Lych Mistress’ sultry tones preceded her into the room.

The Aracan motioned her over, his eyes gleaming under his hood and settled her into his throne, standing beside her with one leather gloved hand on her shoulder.

The jar watched as the requested demons began to enter the room. Most of them looked rather nervous.

I had this song playing in my head –

It sort of fits the scene to start with, but after a while there’s a wedding and somehow I don’t think “Welcome to the Jungle” fits into a wedding, no matter how evil the characters getting married are!

I listen to all sorts of things when I’m writing or editing and recently, while rewriting a particularly violent and gruesome melee scene (no I didn’t tame the scene, I actually made it worse!) I had a sudden need to listen to this –

Perhaps it was a reaction to what I was writing, or maybe my brain’s attempt to calm me down, but I couldn’t write a word more until I had listened to it… and that started me off down the movie song route.
Once you start down that road, you never know what you’re going to listen to next. I went through Labyrinth – David Bowie “Magic Dance”, Secret to my Success – Yello “Oh Yeah”, Tomb Raider – U2 “Elevation” and Wall-E – Peter Gabriel “Down to Earth” before I got stuck on this:

And that was it – I was stuck in Rock/Metal mode for the rest of the day!

Goddess knows what sort of music this baby is going to like when it’s born…

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      1. I wouldn’t mind, except that after a couple of weeks, even”Crazy Train” starts to get irritating. I guess it’s better than “Apples and Bananas,” though… 😛

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