Community Building for writers

Now, this is the way to do it!

dan holloway

A couple of nights ago I gave a talk at Writers in Oxford about social media and community-building for writers. First of all, I wanted to make the bullet point handout available in a nice pdf for you to download (you can do that by clicking here). But most of all, it was a catalyst to dusting off some of my old articles, updating them, and then merging them into one comprehensive post on the crucial subject of community building. I hope it’s helpful.

A few years ago, in the earliest nanoseconds of the big Kindle bang as Brian Cox might say, you could barely come across a post about self-publishing that didn’t refer to Kevin Kelly’s seminal article “1000 true fans.” These days, mentions are as scarce as a self-published book in Waterstones.

Hungerford Bridge landscape 3(Click here to download a free copy of my poetry and short story…

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