An open letter to every publisher in the world

I feel his pain so intently – he’s way above me in the publishing stakes and really does deserve the attention of a decent publisher! Please, reblog HIS post (ie: follow the link in mine to his blog and then reblog into yours) share it on Twitter and Facebook – let’s get this brilliant but seriously frustrated author into the spotlight…

Thought Scratchings

Dear every publisher in the world.

This letter is not typed from a bitter place. My heart is a smiley sticker.

As I type, I type these words with Captain Happy in control at the wheel of my brain.

I have a simple question for you.

What does it take in this current climate to convince a publisher to read original material from a writer?

As far as unpublished authors go, am I close to being one of the authors with a chance of having their first chapter reviewed?

Before you answer my question, here is some information about me; some reasons why, I believe, perhaps I should be given half an hour of your time in a day of your choosing.

I was shortlisted for The Dundee International Book Prize, please click on the 2012 shortlist here: http://www.dundeebookprize.com/archive.htm

I have a decent chunk of followers on Twitter: https://twitter.com/craigstone_


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