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NaNoWriMo is here!



Yup, watch out world, it’s November and that means that writers all over the world are attempting to write 50,000 words in 30 Days.

I’m not doing this for the challenge – I know I can write that many words in that amount of time. No I’m doing it because:

1) It’s the easiest way to get The Secret of Arking Down Series written – I can put together the main story in 30 days enough to be able to finish / edit it afterwards.

2) It’s fun – I enjoy writing new things and NaNo gives me the impetus to do something new each year.

3) I get a bit of a competitive buzz from doing NaNo. I get to pit myself against my fellow writers in head to head word wars and if I feel like I’m flagging (like I usually do in the middle of the month) it helps me to see that everyone else usually does as well!

If you feel like keeping up with the story I’m writing this year, in the sidebar, you’ll notice that there’s a widget that records my progress on the word count – that’s useful for me because I don’t then have to log into the NaNo site to keep a tab on it.
If you’re interested in reading the story as it builds up, I’ll be posting it chapter by chapter on Wattpad. Feel free to comment on there and ignore any grammar or spelling mistakes – NaNo is by nature train of thought process and the editing only occurs after the month has passed by.

Here’s the blurb and link!

The Cat's Bell - cover

Ben wishes he could be normal.
From the outside, he looks normal; he has a group of friends and a girlfriend. He has hobbies and enjoys mountain biking around the Downs surrounding Arkingham. But inside he is different and he doesn’t understand why.

Lady Laril Greystripe is the only Ginger Tabby Werecat of her generation. Considered unusual, she has been tutored by the finest minds with one goal in mind; the post of Junior Guardian of Knowledge on the Council of Guardians and the retrieval of the Book of Imagination from the Library of Forever within Arkingham Grange.

The meeting of these two special people will rock several worlds to their foundation…