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Christmas is on it’s way…

No matter how you celebrate the midwinter feast (there are so many different festivals and names for it) you have to admit that it’s more fun than any of the other festivals during the year…

…Well, it is for me – you might prefer a summer festival to the winter ones…

Anyway, I have more than one reason to celebrate this year. Of course there’s the usual ones – being home with family, having fun baking, crafting and watching my favourite Xmas movies… we watched Muppet’s Christmas Carol last night, and it’s one that I watch every year, with or without the kids!

I love the story and I really think this version is the best one…

This year’s big reason to celebrate is the anticipation of a new member of the family. Assuming that the baby doesn’t decide it wants a Christmas present and stays put, Sprog will be born around 31st December, so this Christmas is going to have to be alcohol free, but at least I can have some fun!

* * * * *

If you fancy picking up one of my books this Midwinter- no matter if it’s for yourself or as a gift, I’ve decided to drop my e-book prices by 50% until 31st January 2014.

On Amazon, that literally means the prices have been cut in half. If you prefer to read your e-books on a non-kindle reader, then you’ll need to head over to Smashwords and input the following codes into the checkout:

The Tower and The Eye: A Beginning                                     ES36F

The Tower and The Eye: Party at Castle Grof                       WQ59Y

The Tower and The Eye: Freya’s Freedom                             BU38A

The Angel’s Crown                                                                       YD66F

The Necklace of Harmony                                                          CJ32X

Darkness in Mind                                                                          CA46A

* * * * *

So, I hope that you have a great midwinter festival and enjoy yourself immensely. I know that’s what I’m going to try to do!

3 thoughts on “Christmas is on it’s way…”

  1. I ADORE The Muppet Christmas Carol. I haven’t actually watched any other versions, although my class did the play when I was in fifth grade (I’ve read the book, though). Despite that, I agree with you that it is easily the best version out there. Michael Caine is the best Scrooge ever.

    1. I keep wondering how on earth he managed to keep a straight face with all those muppets around…

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