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Latest Publication: The Heir of The Dragon

The Heir of the Dragon

The latest book from my Alter Ego, A. E. Churchyard, is the novella, “The Heir of The Dragon”.  Here’s the Blurb:

Turn a city upside down and shake it – what falls out?

The Treaty that binds the Vampires, Werewolves, Humans and the rarely seen True Dragons, is over 1000 years old. It provides stability and safety for all the citizens of the city of Te Ling. Triads and Yakuza are not welcome here and Tourism flourishes like a well fed swan amongst the parks, temples and theaters by day,  and under the bright lights of the night clubs and other leisure facilities by night.

But many lights cast a multitude of shadows, and they get darker as you get deeper.

Li is as deep into the darkness as you can get: cop by day, shadow by night, he eats and drinks the lifeblood of the city. A threat to the current Te Ling Triang Leader is a threat to the City and The Black Dragon cannot be risked. Li is handed the responsibility of tracking down and removing the threat…preferably permanently.

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I’m not jumping on the Vampire bandwagon – I wrote this one when Buffy and Blade were brand new, so it’s an old story; I’ve just spent a long time getting it ready for publication.

I hope that everyone who buys it, enjoys reading it.