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Camp NaNoWriMo

Yes that’s right, you read both the title and the header correctly… I’m doing NaNoWriMo in April.

Why on earth am I putting myself through that stress again? Especially as I only did it six months ago in November 2013?

Well to be honest, last time I didn’t really get to enjoy myself properly.  As always happens in November I had a load of social events to deal with, mostly to do with Brownies and Guides. I was also heavily pregnant and focusing on writing was difficult.

This time round, I’m on leave from Brownies and Guides because of Princess Wriggles (aka the baby) and I have my focus back. So I’m taking part in Camp NaNoWriMo with the aim of starting a new trilogy.


This is the book I’m going to be working on –

The Seven Towers: The Lost Princess

Do we ever truly know ourselves? When we ask, “Who am I”, do we ever actually find the answer?

Cha Dea, known to the rest of Xan’aki as The Kingdom of The Seven Towers, has lost their third King in a row, plunging the kingdom into unheard of chaos.

Duke Andrionae’s ambitions towards the throne lead him into plotting against his rivals. Ríonach’s future lies in magic. Sedaera is lost in a world of vice and Loreanna has to find out which world she belongs to. Only Ser Amerlyn knows the path, but even the Voice of The Gods does not know of the danger all Xan’aki faces.

Before peace can be made in Cha Dea, life is going to get a whole lot colder and darker…

* * *

I don’t actually have a cover for this one – while I have the world all planned out and the storyline plotted, the cover has been eluding me. But then again, there’s plenty of time for that once the book is written. I’m really looking forward to working on a new story. I’ll still be writing “The Secret of Arking Down” books during the November event; 2014’s title for that event is  “The Tree of Fate”. 

However I’m almost finished with of  “The Tower and The Eye” book #5:  Nightbringer and while I have several SF stories to be completed, I feel like doing something newish – working in a world that has been around since I first started writing seriously in 1996. It’s time to re-jig the world of Xan’aki and make it fresh and new.

It may even get published this time – I’ll be posting the chapters up as I write it on my Wattpad profile, so keep your eyes open and you’ll be able to experience it with me.