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Camp NaNo, new pages and cutting out the middle man…

That last bit sounds painful doesn’t it? Like I’m slicing someone in half…

…ahem. Never mind. on with the show.

I was pootling along quite nicely with my Camp NaNoWriMo story this morning. As I’m re-writing a story that I’ve had hanging around since 1998, there’s a lot of jigsaw puzzling to be done as I write each new section, add in the appropriate section of the old story and stitch them together. The word count at the moment stands at…

7510 words

Not too shabby considering I’m attempting to do this around a pretty demanding baby and the other things that life throws in my way like sugar mice and mad hatter’s tea parties.

But at lunchtime, I got distracted by Chuck Wendig’s posts about pirates and donation buttons. It was fascinating and as you may have noticed, I posted it for your perusal.

However… the article got me thinking.

…Shhhh – no laughing at the back there. I do think sometimes…

I have twelve books out in the big wide world in both print and electronic format; three children’s books, four sword and sorcery novellas, a science fiction novella, a paranormal novella, a YA novel and two short story collections.

If you look up at the menu bar, there’s a tab that says “The Teigr Princess’ Bookshop”; hover over said tab and you’ll get a menu that leads to an individual page for each book / series that I have published.

Essentially, I’ve made it easy for you the reader; rather than you have to search on Amazon, the links are there to zip through to buy my book. I’ve also started turning my e-books into print books, hence the link to where you can buy the print copy.

There is also something new. Some people don’t like Amazon, but would rather not use Smashwords (for whatever reason) to buy their books. Or maybe they read electronic books through a tablet or laptop. Whatever the reason, there are a whole raft of people out there that can’t access my work.

…Shocking, I know…

So I’ve made my work available through Payhip. If you would like a PDF copy and don’t want to have to pay Smashwords for the download, you can just pay me instead.

Yes, that’s right. I’ve cut out the middle man…


…ew, there’s that image again… hmm – this one is much better…middle-man-150x150

Click on the payhip link and it will take you through to the page where you can buy my book by paypal. When you click the buy button, I get paid! Simple, eh?

There are currently only four of my books through Payhip – I’m working on getting the rest up there. Those books are:

Beginning 300 x 200  Prince Loric and his companions gather at a tavern in  the  village of Pleasemore, in the heart of his father’s  kingdom  of Galivor.

A castle ruin has drawn him forth and he risks his life  to  capture the Heart of the dungeon below it. With  battles  and creatures aplenty, who will return to the  light of day  alive to tell the tale?



Grof 800 x 533

Castle Grof has claimed the lives of many already, but  Lord Harnez of Valdez is determined to clear the  menace of the dungeon underneath completely.

Drawn into the quest with a barbarian warrior, a monk  of Tyr and an old friend, Aranok and his half sister,  Ariana, begin to wonder if they will actually return to  their home in the elven realm of Alethdariel alive…



Freya 300 x 200

Freya has many assets, the least of which is her exotic  beauty. Having been freed from the benign slavery of  the Pleasurehouse, she journeys to Jinra to meet up  with her brother Grald. Along the way she meets Sir  Vrenstalliren, Paladin of Espilieth, who insists on  becoming her guardian.

In the next town the two become five, having been  joined by Kraarz, an Orc Shaman; Vox, his Otherworld  Spirit Guide and Lin, an Elysian warrior on a quest of  her own.

It is just as well, for she is walking into a danger she is ill equipped to face alone…


Harp 1200x800

Another border skirmish with the Franierens forces the  Elves to send Lady Julissa Alethdan to hunt for the  Harp of Aleth; a magical harp capable of healing the  most tormented of souls and calming the fury of battle  into peace.

This should be an easy task, after all, the dungeon she is  entering was cleansed over a hundred years ago…



Book #5 is currently in the editing queue – “The Tower and The Eye: Nightbringer” – and will be out as soon as it has gone through the usual processes.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news on that one as and when it arrives!

If you fancy following along on my journey at Camp NaNo, you can read the chapters of  “The Lost Princess” on Wattpad –


Or, you can wait until it’s finished, been through editing and published… I don’t mind. As long as you enjoy what you are reading.

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