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Drawing and Writing and Reviewing…



I’m considering giving up something. Not sure if it’s going to be the writing or the drawing yet.


Well look at it this way, neither of them are advancing my bank balance. *snorts*
Okay, I’m not giving up either, but it’s one of those days when I feel that nothing I do is working. I spent the last few days drawing letters decorated with flowers, bugs and cupcakes…

random D

…because my mind had gone completely blank on the Camp NaNo story. I just worked it out though.
I’d always intended to merge all the previous versions of the story with the new one – I had too much good material in those others to lose them – so I pulled out the sections I wanted to use and put them in (I’ll sort them out later) and it happily came to just over 40k (my ultimate word count goal).

I don’t consider this cheating because I was going to use them anyway and at least now I have all the bits I need in one place to link together. So I got one of these for April –

– and I can go back to finishing off TTATE #5 feeling pleased with my progress. I’m going to do Camp NaNo again in July and continue the same story; that way the book gets two good months on it and I get the warm fuzzies.

I really want to get a new book out. I’ve got a pair of box-sets that I can do – I just need to spend some time on putting them together. I also have a novella I can do for the “Secret of Arking Down” series so all is not at a halt.

Now I’m going to rant before I go to bed, so if you’ve weathered my rambling thus far, you might want to stop reading now…

I don’t get them.
Not that I don’t understand them…


I’ve sold books – I’ve been paid royalties for said books and they haven’t been returned, so that’s a part success, but I haven’t had any reviews for them either.

All the reviews I have are for “The Angel’s Crown” or “TTATE: A Beginning”. Believe me, I’m grateful for them, but no one is bothering to review the later books, even though I know some people must have read them!

Look, it’s not hard – I’m happy with any old star rating and one line review on Amazon, I just want to know that people are actually enjoying / not enjoying my work.

It’s depressing.

Really and truly. I write the fingerprints off my fingers, spend hours in front of the monitor and yes, I enjoy the process, but I also enjoy knowing that other people are enjoying them once I get them out there.

Every review on Amazon boosts my work in the algorithms. It means that someone else might take a chance on one of my books…

So if, by the smallest chance, you have bought and read my work (Thank you for that) please, please, please, please, pllllllleeeeeaaaaasssseeee… *coughs*…  leave a review of some sort.